ECE Assembly Center (Clean Room)

The ECE Clean Room houses our advance manufacturing facility designed to provide enhanced-throughput of high-volume SMD PCBs (printed circuit boards with surface mount components) as well as precision placement of fine pitch parts (e.g. QFN packages with 0.5mm pitch). We provide PCB assembly services for faculty and researchers, most often we assemble bulk board orders to support en masse class projects.

The ECE Clean Room is available to students wishing to assemble their class or personal project boards with surface mount (SMD) parts. Through-hole board assembly is done in the teaching labs, and most SMD boards can be soldered in the labs too; there are soldering stations at the back of each lab (we will be deploying additional soldering irons shortly).

PCB Assembly

If you are coming in to assemble a PCB you have designed, please have your board and parts ready when you arrive. Components can be soldered by hand, or hand pasted and hand placed and reflowed in our oven. Soldering - SMD in particular - takes lots of practice to achieve proficiency, so we highly encourage you to attend our workshops to learn how to properly solder. We are making practice soldering boards for the workshop so you can practice what you learn during and after the workshop.


We will be offering a workshop series (starting 3/7/22) where we will provide training on industry standards and practices. Stay tuned for details.

Open Hours Schedule

**Note: the Clean Room is staffed by student helpers and as such availability will vary. Before heading over, please double-check the schedule below. Also, our student staff may have their own class/project emergencies which may result it the Clean Room not being staffed during a scheduled time, or they may have time that frees up and will open the center for additional hours. Please be kind and courteous to our staff, this is not a job, they are staffing the Clean Room as a service to the community.**
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Week of 4/17/22 1400-1700